I.T.A.U. represents the Business Intelligence Platform capable of meeting the needs of statistical analysis and Robo Advisory related to the Import/ Export operations of the Banks.

However, it can also be used for the domestic world.

In relation to the long-standing experience gained by our specialists, a solution focused on specific matters is at first proposed, capable of managing the entire end-to-end process, from the data acquisition to the use on behalf of the end User.

I.T.A.U. enables the User, in a simple and intuitive way, to explore, analyze and search for insights hidden in the volume of the processed data, providing a complete and centralized view of the information through dynamic Visual Analytics.

As an example, by using interactive dashboards it is possible:

• to carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses on the Products & Services offered
• to analyze the Customer Portfolio and identify its operations and profile
• to trace the geographical areas where operations are carried out
• to represent the activities of the Offices/ Branches
• to analyze the activities with the Correspondent Banks
• to verify the profitability of the activity, product and banking service performed with flexible and parametric temporal dynamics and comparisons of periods in the most detailed way.

Aspect of absolute importance, I.T.A.U. enables to formulate hypotheses of Cross Selling and Roboadvisory, thus providing an important assistance to strategic marketing. The functionalities are based on "Algorithms" aimed at providing support to the Bank's commercial initiatives and at formulating sale suggestions for a new product/ service to the Customer.
The functions provide a "digital" consultancy based on a Predictive Business Process, and it is capable of anticipating customer needs and market trends.

The Product can be integrated with other applications and acquire data and information, and is able to provide Reports and flows for further evidence and/ or processing.
I.T.A.U. is parametric and modular, and only authorized Users can access the Product and manage the information required for the agreed Profile.