Our reference markets:



Over the years, our Management Team focused on the development and deployment of important projects concerning these areas, therefore we are sure that we can actively work with them.

We are about to deliver several products that will be soon launched on the market. They are targeted to the Banking Market contaminated with the Insurance Market. In the near future, further Products addressed to the Reference Markets will also be delivered.

We can say that the only technological components - very important in their determination and use - are not sufficient to lead Banks and Insurance companies to a new context and, therefore, it will be increasingly important to have "competent" partners.

Global Players’ regular claim can be basically contained in two concepts:

  • Tell me what to do
  • We tell you how and which technologies to use


We are confident we can tell our customers "we believe that this need can be solved in this way," while concurrently showing the application solutions that approach the proposed reference context.