Fintech of
Application Solutions

The constitutive idea sprang from the awareness that today more and more Business-oriented products are needed for the development of the activities and capable of creating value in an increasingly competitive market.

For us, Fintech

◎   Identifying the new business needs of customers
◎    Adjusting the reference business models
◎    Creating value-added services
◎    Digitalizing core processes
◎    Using technologies in increasingly agile and subject to change contexts
◎   Switching to customer-oriented Value Chains
◎    Encouraging the sharing of extended Value Chains also outside the company
◎    Creating open, interoperable, reliable and secure solutions


News & Company

We propose applicative Solutions featured by a strong technological content.
We leverage innovation for reliable, scalable and high performance Solutions

The 2019-2021 plan provides for the activation of the first Pilot Project with Blockchain technology. Its development will be carried out in step with the other Products marketed by the Company.

We have decided to invest in an innovation project and in technologies that can effectively support it.

Our first objective is the construction of an innovative Marketplace dedicated to supporting companies in their Import and Export activities.

OpenWave participated in the conception and implementation of the CeTIF Observatory, dedicated to the needs of banks for their Import/ Export operations.


We grow

Join our team and enjoy a creative, dynamic and inclusive culture focused on a single goal: to improve the world around us through technology and innovation.